Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Specials!!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend, I went to the GreazeFest with my family. It was a 50's day and it was really good. Any way instead of the colouring I would like to show you these two birthday cards I made for my teacher and my best friend. My teacher loves motor bikes and was thinking of  buying a blue one so I made him this card...

I wanted to put a lightning sticker on but I had none so I got Mum to draw it for me because I can't draw...

And I just added a little bike inside...

I didn't know what to do for my best friends card so I thought I would do her favourite animal, a lion.

I coloured in the nose, eyes and ears

I Hope you like them!



  1. I love both of the cards and I am glad you're able to get out and about and make cards at the momemt. And I am sure your friends will like the cards.

  2. Great cards Alyssa i'm sure the recipients will love them.

  3. Great job on both cards. That lion is very cute.xx

  4. I love both of these card Alyssa. I bet your teacher was really pleased with his blue bike. Love the metal wheel nuts and lightning bolt.
    And your lion, well he looks so cute, I would be happy to come face to face with i in a jungle!
    Great to see you posting on your blog... bring it on!